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Linda-Rose Daya

Legal Project Manager

+61 2 9263 4352
+61 459 600 044



Linda-Rose is an expert in Agile, Legal Project Management, and facilitating legal design workshops.

Linda has deep expertise in Agile, both as a coach and facilitator and as a leader of collaborative and complex work programmes focused on digital technologies across government, industry bodies, regulatory bodies, leading market experts and innovation integrators.

Linda knows and understands both the practical and legal challenges facing large corporations adopting agile practices, and has recently provided training on agile for client in-house legal teams.

Linda’s experience is supported by certifications in Agile Coaching and Agile Fundamentals from SoftEd, and in Prince2 Foundation Project Management from Project Laneways.

Linda’s background includes:

  • 10 years of experience in project management, human-centred design and team management;

  • 3 years of innovation and technology strategy leadership; and

  • 13 years of in-house and private practice legal experience.