Design, development, configuration and deployment.

Document Automation

Successful legal knowledge management involves more than the creation of high quality precedent documents

Document automation is a cost-effective and proven technology for improving the efficiency and accuracy of legal document production. Document automation delivers compliant, self-service contract solutions for corporate and in-house legal teams enabling you to:

  • minimise risk;

  • ensure compliance with corporate standards; and

  • scale productivity without increasing resources.

We have in-depth experience with market leading document automation technologies, including both SaaS and on-premise solutions. These platforms allow users to generate legal documents from automated templates, accommodate an approval workflow, negotiate inclusions and execute and manage documents.

Our services include:

  • advising on the identification and deployment of best-fit document automation applications with the appropriate feature sets;

  • advising on selection and prioritisation of a document automation portfolio;

  • developing and testing automated document templates and workflows; and

  • providing a secure self-service online portal to access automated templates.

Verification Automated Software

Gilbert + Tobin has developed a verification technology, Verification<i>.

Gilbert + Tobin has developed a verification technology, Verification<i>. Gilbert + Tobin’s patented tool disrupts the manual process of verifying publicly disclosable information and board documents. It automates workflows and allows parties to collaborate efficiently on projects, provides managers with real-time data and features in-built project management features.

Gilbert + Tobin developed the tool in response to lawyer and client demand for more innovative legal solutions to routine work, while maintaining high quality legal service delivery. Verification<i> is particularly attractive to lawyers and clients, in that it has been developed in consultation with senior lawyers and partners who intricately understand the importance of 'control' measures in a verification process.

The use-cases within in-house legal teams and corporates are many.

Expert Advice

We have in-depth experience in the development of expert advisor apps using market leading technologies.

Our trusted team can help you create legal and compliance tools to enable self-service by your business. Given our extensive knowledge of the technology, we can also advise on the identification of best-fit legal and compliance applications.

Contact us to find out more about how our tools can help you.